Sims 2 Homework Cheat

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How about building 'em the ultimate space station to live in?With these game cheats for The Sims 2, you'd be able to afford it!

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All Sims get lunch and toilet breaks during school, thus their hunger and bladder meters should be completely full at the end of the day. The rate at which this happens depends on whether the Sim is enrolled in a public or private school.

Social needs get a bit of boost as well, however hygiene and comfort lower slightly.

I want the ultimate house for my Sims but they don't make enough money - help me out with a cheat for The Sims 2 game for PC!

Random_Astronaut You want to buy your Sims the ultimate house?

When Sims do homework, they display a bar over their heads, similar to the skill bar.

When this bar is full, that means the homework is complete.

At the end of the school day, a plus or minus might be added to the grade. If homework isn't completed, then you won't be penalized at first.

However, if two lots of homework don't get completed, then you'll lose a grade for every day this occurs.

Getting bad grades can have some negative outcomes.

Every day, Sims come home with homework which must be done in order to achieve an A.


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