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Using language techniques such as enjambment, simile, metaphor and alliteration Peter Skrzynecki broadens the reader's concept of belonging through the medium of poetry.Peter Skrzynecki uses the theme of not belonging in his poems to contrast, and thereby better convey, his ideas on belonging.

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In these poems, Crooknecks focuses on the theme of not belonging. Whereas, negative belonging limits ones sense of identity, security and ultimately incites one to feel marginalized, unsociable and alone. This is further exemplified as Cady begins to interrelate between cliques within the school as she pqtricks to fit in.

Belonging is a fundamental aspect of humanity, It is a subjective concept that can be positive or negative, based on experiences. This further patricsk how negative interaction with ones surroundings ultimates in the personas feelings of aggression and self doubt that therefore denies him a sense of belonging.

We also learn that belonging is an ambiguous thing that cannot be easily defined or had, one cannot belong simply because one wants to, you either belong or you don't and for some reason, no matter how hard you try it will always be down to the acceptance of others and not your acceptance of them.

Belonging is a complex, multi-faceted concept encompassing a wide range of different aspects.

It indicates that the house is secure and protects the family.

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The simile “like adopted children” shows that the garden is not like any other garden to them.Conversely, as the first day of school begins, Cady becomes disconnected and dethatched due to feeling alienated.Free essay samples Essays Belonging: The garden represents development and connection within the family to show that they are individuals, demonstrating their personality, identity, passion, and creativity as a family.Throughout these poems Peter Skrzynecki uses many language techniques along with the theme of not belonging to explore his ideas about belonging.From these poems we can surmise that all humans have a need to belong, whether it is belonging in their family, in their cultural heritage, their homeland or the land where they now live.It affects the reader by creating empathy, and allows the reader to associate with the poem and the message in it e. “In its china blue coat” Negative connotation: A word or phrase that has a negative or disliked association connected to it, most commonly due to social use or misconceptions of a word or its meaning e. Introduction Peter Skrzynecki explores various aspects of belonging and not belonging in his poems "ancestors", "Feliks", and "10 Mary Street".In the third stanza he uses the negative word "violently" in connection with the cultural handshake of his fathers polish friends.He does not understand the lands that they talk about and cannot feel the sense of loss his father does at their diaspora as he has never seen the farms and fields that his father so misses. Conclusion The poem "Feliks" focuses on Peter's relationship to his father and belonging in relation to Peter's sense of not belonging to his father's world.The poem “10 Mary Street” represents change as it shows the comparison between Skrzynecki’s life in Poland and his new life in Sydney and how he and his family have had to adapted to their new way of life and how the physical change of moving countries has changed them emotionally.Change is present in this poem as the poet uses the simile “Shut the house; like a well-oiled lock” to appreciate the order of daily ritual when departing in the morning.


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