Sociology Research Paper On Homelessness

Sociology Research Paper On Homelessness-63
According to Mc Naughton, many people become homeless because they already had low levels of capital resources which were reduced even further by edgework, and (2008, p.108).This also increases one’s risk of not only becoming homeless but remaining homeless.

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Homelessness has increasingly become a problem in the United States over the past few decades as is evident in Pennsylvania's increasing homeless communities, and it is only continuing to get worse.

The epidemic has skyrocketed over the last few years, as (Champion, 2010).

Many argue about the reasons for homelessness which include financial and psychological factors to name a few.

Both conservatives and liberals have their specific reasons for the rise of homelessness in this country, but few seem to come up with successful and resilient solutions.

The main explanation for homelessness is that the United States is quickly becoming a capitalist country.

Capitalism is the main cause of unemployment and homelessness in the last few decades.

Those who are homeless lack economic, social, and human capital.

This is combined with the fact that many who are homeless had a low level of resources in the first place.

Under the conflict theory, many people in a capitalistic society see wealth as something that was earned through education, hard work, and dedication.

They see the poor and the homeless as lacking motivation, lazy, and uneducated. (1997) ‘Theorising homelessness: contemporary sociological and feminist perspectives’, in Burrows, R., Pleace, N.


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