Solve Long Division Problems

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, “the representation and retrieval of mathematical facts from long-term memory” is one of the most important factors in determining a student’s future mathematical success.

According to the same study, Use base 10 blocks or money to reinforce place value and number sense.

Have them multiply the divisor by the quotient and add the remainder — the answer should be the same as the dividend they started with.

Start with one-digit divisors and two-digit dividends to keep things simple.

So it's time to master the long division concept by grade level 5.

Some of our long division material is set up in such that the math learner has to find the divisor, or dividend given the quotient outcome.

Include a list of multiplication problems that students must solve in groups to “unlock” the box.

Worksheets are a tried-and-true staple of math class.

These exercises are relatively easy, as they can be done without using a tail division structure.

These grade 4 worksheets are made to teach and learn the concept and structure of long division exercises and form a good starting point in the road to mastery.


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