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Just about every physics question is testing specific knowledge. Each topic is associated with specific equations and approaches, so recognizing the subject will focus your effort in the right direction.

When you read the question ask yourself, is it exploring electricity? Look for keywords and phrases that reveal the topic. Before starting to solve the problem, think about what the answer will look like.

Certainly, physics is a fascinating subject that has captured the analytical minds of humans since the beginning of the Roman Empire.

As Sheldon of the Big Bang Theory, a popular television show, explains to Penny, physics is a "2600-year journey from the ancient Greeks" to today.

If you’re trying to find speed, it might be useful to find acceleration, then solve that for speed.

Determining restrictions on the answer early also ensures you answer the specific question; a common mistake in physics is solving for the wrong thing. Unless the question is really bad, they probably gave you exactly the information you need to solve the problem.

What are the units; is the final answer going to be in kilograms or liters?

Also consider what other physical quantities might relate to your answer.

Physics can be intimidating, all those pulleys and protons and projectile motion.

If you approach it with the right mindset, however, even the hardest problems are usually easier than you think.


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