Solving Marital Problems

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Have you ever considered therapy for your marriage?

Have you contemplated therapy before saying, “I do?

From an evolutionary perspective, it’s viewed as strengthening and perpetuating the species. Researchers question every conceivable situation around marriage.

From a sociological vantage, marriage creates bonds between and among groups. For example: More recently, researchers are exploring these questions within the context of same-sex couples.

The training and support therapists use comes from several theories.

Social exchange theory posits that there are costs and benefits in potential interactions.” If you’re reading this article chances are it’s because you’re married and struggling, thinking about getting married, or contemplating divorce.You’re looking for answers to that age-old question: Can we make this work? There’s a lot of good news when it comes to getting and staying married.Squabbles or all-out battles can make it difficult to let go of the hurt.Having a trained professional available to provide evidenced-based support can help.The support in our married relationship isn’t easily replaced by social support (Holt-Lunstad, Birmingham, & Jones, 2008).But when things aren’t clicking, the situation can take a dive.Edward Waring posited that the way to build intimacy is through self-disclosure. Couples can play alone using only the questions and explore as much as they are comfortable.Each person shares something about their wants, needs, aspirations, attitudes, beliefs, and desires. Together they’re known as the Duplex Theory of Love.The final part of the equation, decision/commitment don’t have to happen together.For example, a person could decide to love someone, but not pursue a long-term commitment.


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