Solving Problems And Making Decisions

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When encountering a problem under stress with limited time, it is not unusual to react (without analysis) with a solution that worked before under seemingly similar circumstances.This may be surprising, but the reason problem solving and decision making are addressed separately is a consequence of the historical choices made on research on these topics.

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Think back to previous problems you had in your business. The solutions you and your team use don’t have to be the same methods you have used in the past.

One main component of effective problem-solving and decision-making is weighing your pros and cons before making any decisions.

Problem-solving and decision-making in business can help you: Use the five steps below to guide yourself through a problem and decide on a solution.

Before you can fix an issue and use decision-making skills, take a look at the problem at hand. Figure out where the problem stems from and go from there.

Set aside time to think of solutions to your issue.

Consider holding a workshop where you can discuss problems in your business with other workers.Jot the pros and cons of each solution down on a notepad or use a spreadsheet to organize the advantages and disadvantages.Writing pros and cons down helps you visualize which option may be most beneficial to your business.That way, you can receive feedback from multiple people. Depending on the number of problems you have in your business, you may need to consult your employees.Set aside time for regular meetings until you determine a solution. The more ideas you have, the more likely you can find a viable solution to your problem. When generating solutions, think outside of the box.Problem-solving and decision-making skills are essential for any small business owner.Oftentimes, problem-solving and decision-making go hand-in-hand. And, utilizing the right decision-making and problem-solving strategies can make or break your business.Consider giving each solution a score based on the number of pros and cons they receive.List your solutions by point value to rank which option might be the best route.After evaluating all possible solutions, it’s time to make a decision.As a small business owner, you may feel obligated to make decisions quickly.


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