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Escalante humiliates him repeatedly until the boy stops coming to his class.And when the new term starts, finger-man reappears just to throw a chair at Escalante because he was secretly hoping that the man wouldn’t be there for another year that which would have allowed him to go back to school.Apart from the stories lesson, the cliché part of the whole scene of what was happening came across to me as cheesy.

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This in my opinion, are one of those movies you watch intentionally not for entertainment, but for your own personal gain.

The motivating factor and the cheesy stereotypic scenes depicted add to either its deterioration or common interest amongst viewers.

where is all that if he can resign just because he is not allowed to give Let’s pause for a minute here and think about the movie. Producing a movie about education is extremely, extremely difficult.

So, when you do so, you have to be sure that something is going to attract the public’s attention.

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Ramon Menendez's Stand and Deliver is a film based on the true story of Jaime Escalante, a teacher who inspired his underperforming students to master calculus.Apart from the fact that “have a nice day” means “go fuck yourself” in his mouth, he is here acknowledging that his initiative is inherently selfish.He is proposing something exceptional that will require the pupils to come every day during their summer holidays, that which represents THE absolute nightmare of any pupil, and when he sees that his request is not immediately validated he threatens to resign.I think that if you balance motivation, determination, hard work and a little luck, you can achieve anything.Although the movie was a bit old, the ideas never get old to me.I don’t know what happened to “Pupils will rise to the level of expectations.” Escalante must have been abducted and brainwashed by extra-terrestrials because saying that you can make everyone progress significantly sounds very different from “I can achieve something great if I’m allowed to get rid of the bad pupils.”But if you look closely, he’s been following this course of action since the beginning. Finger-man was a pupil who didn’t know his times tables. But the job of a teacher is to deal with that kind of individual, not to give up on them. I know, the boy is part of a gang and would have seriously impeached any proper lesson.It might sound desperate and ridiculous, but if you don’t do it, it is very likely that someone else is going to make a purely hagiographic movie. Most probably he knows that this means Jaime is in a bad spot because he is not qualified to work on PCs and Jaime’s answer only confirms what he was sensing: he got laid particularly cautious as for its elements of criticism. So, my point is, it is very likely that Jaime got fired and lied to his wife about it (He is macho like that).The movie is questionable though for people that seek more of an entertainment factor both from the quality of the movie and/ its uniqueness among...'Stand and Deliver' is a 1988 movie by director Ramon Menendez about a teacher who inspires students in a low-performing school to learn calculus.


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