Steps In Problem Solving Process

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People tend to think creativity comes from the removal of all restrictions.

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c) When everyone believes that there is a problem to solve.

The first step in the model is to define the problem; it does not matter if it is late shipments, stock outs, computer downtime, typos, lost messages, or an agreed upon "red bead" that everyone keeps running into.

Before you can solve the problem, you must truly understand what it is.

This means brainstorming about the process, using a Pareto Diagram to prioritize potential obstacles and creating a process flow diagram of what is currently going on.

If you found new questions to answer, go back, but stick to the mindset of this stage.

This newsletter introduces the Problem Solving Model.

And it is often a solution that is short-lived or creates numerous other problems within the organization.

The Problem Solving Model provides you a road map to continuous improvement.

The moment when you jump represents the ideation moment, but there are a couple of crucial moments before and after. Make sure you know every detail that led to the request.

like when you climbed the dive platform’s stairs for the first time. The experience you can gather here will build the baseline for your solution.


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