Teenage Insecurities Essay

In my photograph, a teenage girl is lighting a votive candle in a church.Tradition is tremendously important to Maxine, the subject of my photograph.

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Holden being a phony individual never takes into account other people’s ideas and because of his stubbornness, never learns his lesson.

In the Catcher and the Rye, Holden clearly is the phony in the form of criticism loneliness, and fallacies.

When people praise us or recognize our skills and capabilities, it can boost our confidence — you are capable.

Spiegel 9/9/12 English IIH The Catcher in the Rye In the Catcher and the Rye by J. Salinger, Holden Caulfield begins the book in the same proximity of where he ends the book.

A lack of confidence can hold people back from reaching their full potential.

The best way to get that belief is through using your skills and talents — by learning and practicing.An example of Holden being an imposter comes when he is on the train with Mrs. He thinks that if “You take somebody’s mother, all they want to hear about is what a hot-shot their son is” (Salinger p.56).Holden held to fast to this idea; tries to flirt with Mrs.“What can you show us from your own life, or the lives of those around you, that might help make the portrait of ‘Gen Z’ more interesting, nuanced, complete or real? But the thing they showed us most often — by our count, in over 70 percent of the images we received — was teenagers with their phones.In their statements, our participants variously described the devices as their friends and their family, their enemies and their addiction.Right before Holden leaves for New York he yells “Sleep tight, ya morons! Holden thinks that he is right for leaving Pencey after failing 4 out of his five classes and that everyone there are…“Meet my friend Max, a 17-year-old kid from West Hartford, Conn. He uses it, sure, but as an aid rather than a life line,” writes Jack Wisialowski, 17, who took this photo. Back in September, we challenged teenagers to analyze media and adult stereotypes about their generation — then take photos to counter them. They showed us teenagers in cars, in classrooms, at parties, in swimming pools, on playing fields and in their beds; teenagers with their dogs, their moms, their friends, their homework, their makeup, their video games and their prom dates; teenagers running, jumping, studying, singing, vaping, taking selfies, protesting and kissing.And if things don't work out at first, confidence helps us try again. People who are low on confidence might be less likely to try new things or reach out to new people. If something shakes your confidence, show yourself some understanding. Learn from what happened, think what you could have done differently, and remember it for next time. Then remind yourself of your strengths and the things you've achieved. If they fail at something the first time, they might be less likely to try again. Believing I could succeed even with a teenage pregnancy, I went for it. I tore apart the imperfections of a pregnant teenager, I stayed in school. Living with a mental illness can affect all aspects of a teen’s life.I killed the trend of failure, as I walked across my graduation stage. It affects how teens interact with others, how they participate in school, their social life, home life, their relationships and overall health. Social media has taken over teens’ whole identities, pushing them to search for perfection within themselves but finding each and every imperfection they have at the same time. For us, vape is something we can control when everything else is spiraling down.


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