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For some businesses, commitment to a larger purpose would be simply learning the difference between right and wrong, while others take a more responsible view of the role they play in the lives of their employees, their customers, and ultimately how they affect the world.Avis, Federal Express and Sam Walton’s philosophies are used as examples. : A 6 page research essay looking at three examples each of businesses with solid, high ethical standards and those with less-than-high such standards.Specifically discussed are the definition of this principle, its intention, and the necessary components to ensure this "supreme morality." Bibliography lists 4 sources.

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Specifically discussed are the concepts of master and slave; good and evil; and how language has been used to perpetuate prejudice throughout history. " : This 5 page paper analyzes the slave/master paradigm as contained in the first essay of this work.The utilitarian images applied include: policy not backed by research, but applied in the case of children and public smoking in the case of adults; state class action suits and the tobacco settlements; and how the government is trying to incorporate utilitarian and individual freedoms under one umbrella. From both a social and a political standpoint, it is argued that abortion is a moral choice on any level.Relevant issues, debates, feelings, theories, beliefs, etc; are evaluatively assessed to build and support the writer's argument.Although Kant specifies that altruistic citizens subject themselves to their sovereign, they must also police their sovereign, and therefore, the long-term results of Reagan's decision are in the hands of the people. : A 5 page paper that seeks to prove that Immanuel Kant would support both Stella Liebeck's case and Congress' subsequent tort reform laws, simply because they meet his altruism ideals for citizens and government under his laws of citizen duty to act under the laws and slow government reform.This paper claims that Kant would not support Mc Donald's egoism in retaining their hot coffee policy because of the number of complaints received prior to Liebeck's case--and also his "mine and thine" policy on dual responsibility.The paper postulates that Reagan's decision was short-sighted, because his actions have potentially lead to that which he sought to prevent--a socialistic public labor pool.The paper discusses the affects of his decision in relationship to both the public and private sector, and how it may have resulted in the quiet revolution affecting the private sector.Kant was a supporter of free-will as long as the individual agreed to avoid chaos by lending itself to government's laws, and a supporter of government as long as it made slow reforms that did not incite revolutionaries. : A 7 page paper that considers the philosophical question of societal and individual moral determinations of the welfare system. : A 6 page paper positing that although Jack-in-the-Box seems to be altruistic in its considerations of the harm it caused its customers, the federal government has not been as conscientious--they have said that responsibility for consumer protection resides in at the state government level.This paper demonstrates that the current welfare system is based on the moral and ethical choices of society and of the individual, and considers Kant's perspectives on moral obligations in its development. According to Kant and consumer protection groups, there is an inherent danger in this, as despotism is alive at the state level, and that many states are governed arbitrarily by people with special interests.Success can come by way of meanness and shortcut, but it means more when it is achieved through ethical behavior as exhibited by Weyerhauser, Mary Kay and Southwest Airlines. Webster’s defines morality as adherence to a standard of "right human conduct." Superficially, that definition would be easy for the "simple" to understand.When the focus is narrowed, however, it seems that the concept of morality grays in its boundaries.


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