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Antonio’s mother was visiting from the family land in Guanajuato.Even in her late 80s, Juana still took the bus a couple of times each year to visit Wyoming with one of her children as a chaperone.As Antonio dropped me off, we vowed to stay in touch, and went our separate ways. We all sat together as a cool breeze danced across the curtains, and my biological grandmother handed me a gift.

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Antonio and I left the house late and drove back to the truck stop, beneath a dark night sky.

I felt most at home in the mountains, in the wild, free and healing world of the nearby Roosevelt National Forest.

My adoptive parents often took me to a cabin they’d built on 40 acres there before I was born.

My biological father, Antonio, was born in Mexico and is of Indigenous Mesoamerican and Spanish descent.

Mary, my biological mother, comes from Irish immigrants, who were among the early European settlers of Colorado.


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