The Perks Of Being A Wallflower Belonging Essay

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This shows how as the book progressed his positive experience when approaching someone in an uncomfortable situation taught him to open up to new people and go out of his way to create relationships. Charlie’s fear of judgment leads to lack of participation which results in a lack of experience and exposure.Charlie’s journey and development throughout the book also explores the pressures that society places on the youth to only partake in activities they are well versed in. This lack of experience and exposure lessens his idea of what he likes and dislikes, a great part of any person’s identity.All youth experience the developmental changes that come with it, but the time of the change varies from individual to individual. Even though he participated in religious ceremonies with his family, when he met his friends he finally realized the meaning and purpose of his life.

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He will give a detailed account of the joys and pains of his freshman year in high school.

He begins by writing letters to an unknown stranger, but then, you realize that stranger is you.

With help from his friends, and his english teacher, Charlie slowly learns to disregard this pressure and steps out of his comfort zone to learn more about his peers and himself.

“In terms of participation in things, I am trying to go to school events they set up in my school [...] Things like the homecoming football game and the dance even if I don’t have a date.” Once he starts doing this, he gains confidence in himself individually, even without the support of having someone by his side through unfamiliar circumstances.

This is in order to explore how exposure to new people and situations expands a person's understanding of themselves, but can leave them unsure about their identity when these people or situations are removed.

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Before the narrative’s meaning comes across, the title, “The Perks of Being a Wallflower”, itself provides commentary on social outcasts.The highlights of the paper will focus on the biological/physical, psychological, social, spiritual, cultural issues, as well as his strengths and challenges.BIOLOGICAL/PHYSICAL Adolescence is one of the fastest phases of human development.If self-identity is defined as being sure of yourself, your likes, dislikes and your relationships with others, Charlie doesn’t truly develop one until near the end of the novel.He isn’t quite sure of his ability to cope with pain, especially without his friends as a distraction, and is constantly fearful of returning to the bad mental place he was in before the book began.At this age boys are experiencing changes associated with puberty. As a result, he was released from the shell that kept him trapped inside.In puberty the endocrine and neurological systems change, thus, affecting an adolescent’s brain development and physical growth. At this point, it was clear to Charlie that there was something more to him. This becomes clear in the tunnel scene at the end of the movie when he states, “I can see it.Through these Charlie tells his story from his perspective.He will experience many highs and lows related to the adolescence phase.“Before we left the party, Sam played me a few of her favourite songs.” Charlie’s exposure to different kinds of music starts with his sister’s boyfriend and slowly extends to his new friends Sam and Patrick.Soon after being introduced to the power of music, he realises the importance of “belong[ing] to something when [you’re] sad” and how music can unite a large group of people.


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