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Please do not hesitate to contact the Thesis team should you have any queries in respect of your portfolio and the strategies being employed currently.

This provides a definitive and comprehensive review of what investment managers in the UK have been up to, including how they invest and their contribution to the economy. Each month, we collect detailed information about investment fund sales to UK retail savers and to institutional investors, such as insurance companies or pension schemes.

Previous Monthly bulletins: Thesis has always been a proponent of diversifying investments and as a result we have, over the years, invested in a wide range of different asset classes to spread the risk.

One area which we have held for some time is private equity - this month our market commentary looks at private equity and its myths.

The financial markets continue to wrestle with the direction of growth, inflation, and monetary policy.

For now, it appears that markets may be happy with a “just right” Goldilocks economy: cool enough not to spark rising prices or prompt the Federal Reserve to take action, but warm enough to avoid choking company profits.


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