Thesis Mathematical Modeling

Thesis Mathematical Modeling-74
Pollard - Preconditioned conjugate gradient methods for serial and parallel computers.. Smith - Adaptive finite difference solutions for convection and convection-diffusion problems.

Higgs - Nonlinear diffusion in reservoir simulation.

Horrocks - Fokker-Planck model of stochastic acceleration: a study of finite difference schemes.

Whitfield - The application of optimal control theory to life cycle strategies.

Woolnough - A numerical model of sediment deposition on saltmarshes. Mac Donald - The numerical solution of free surface/pressurized flow in pipes..

Singh - A comparison of numerical schemes for pricing bond options.

A numerical investigation into the dynamics of the non-linear vibration equation.

The article proves the necessity of acquaintance of schoolchildren with the structure of the process of mathematical modeling, features of models, purpose of their use. Mathematical modeling in the teaching of mathematics as a means of forming cognitive independence of students in specialized economic classes.

As a result of the research, the authors present a model of the system of problems aimed to form elements of mathematical modeling relating to the stages of formalization and interpretation.

Brookes - An investigation of a dual-porosity model for the simulation of unsaturated flow in a porous medium.

Crossley - Application of Roe's scheme to the shallow water equations on the sphere.


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