Thesis On Shape Memory Alloys

A da Vinci surgical instrument is sensorized with these sensors in order to validate their force sensing capability.

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Furthermore this thesis includes studies on the processing of Cu-based alternatives to enhance shape memory properties of interests, such as transformation temperature and fatigue, and suggests future work to improve Cu-based SMA wires..A material which shows a shape memory effect during both heating and cooling is called two-way shape memory.Examples of shape memory alloys Generally, shape memory alloys are intermetallic compounds having super lattice structures and metallic-ionic-covalent characteristics.A group of metallic alloys which shows the ability to return to their original shape or size i.e., alloy appears to have memory when they are subjected to heating or cooling are called shape memory alloys.Martensite and austenite are two solid phases in SMA as shown in fig. Phases of SMA Martensite is relatively soft and it is easily deformable phase which exists at low temperature (monoclinic).The lack of adequate sensing technologies make it very challenging to measure bending of the flexible instruments, and to measure tool-tissue contact forces of the both flexible and rigid instruments during MIST.Therefore, it requires the development of the cost effective miniature actuators and strain/force sensors.This study was conducted with two main types of SMAs, the first a commercially available Ni Ti wire, and the second an emerging Cu-based alternative.This comparison allows an understanding of the current state of the art for small scale actuation with SMA wires, and to evaluate the Cu-based alternative SMA, which has a reduced cost and improved thermal properties.Shape Memory Alloys (SMAs), materials that can undergo a fully recoverable strain change due to a thermal cycle, and which can be produced in a form that is superelastic are only utilized limitedly.In this thesis, I investigated the relationship between the material properties of shape memory alloy micro-wires and their mechanical performance.


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