To Kill A Mockingbird Essay On Jem

This character is used in the book to introduce the idea of bravery and the way it changes in course of the narration – from childish ideas that it is brave to play near the Boo Radley’s house to the situations which require real courage, like defending against a rabid dog or confronting a mob of angry townspeople who are ready to lynch the innocent man accused of rape.Jem also gradually turns from a daredevil child looking for adventure into a more serious person who tries to protect his young sister, Scout, and explain to her the complicated events they get involved into.If they're all alike, why do they go out of their way to despise each other?

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When Jem thinks his month of punishment is up he finds out that Mrs Dubose wants him for another week because she knows it’ll take her only a week to die clean, Jem however, is oblivious to this until Atticus tells him after her death: ‘’Mrs Dubose was a morphine addict…

She’d have spent the rest of her life on it and died without so much agony.’’ We begin to see that Mrs Dubose is showing a different kind of audaciousness by forcing herself to go clean from morphine before she dies.

Jem says, ‘’I reckon if he’d wanted us to know it, he’da told us.

If he was proud of it, he’da told us.’’ Overall, this shows the readers that Jem now respects Atticus choice to keep his secret quiet and recognises that you don’t always have to put your talents on display for the world, instead of a more childish Jem who would’ve happily joined Scout to show off.

Jem is quite an idealistic boy and feels shock and guilt when the jury finally convicts the innocent Tom Robinson.

He finds it really difficult to understand and cope with this tragedy and injustice of the court.Another climatic scene where we witness Jem’s change from the attitude of a child to that of a more matured person, consists of two scenes: one is the concerning the Radley house where Jem is dared to touch the house and the other is related to Mrs Dubose, who shows him what real courage is.One summer the children become particularly interested in Boo Radley and Jem breaks his personal record by completing a dare which consists of him touching the Radley house which, to the children, was a death sentence.The book tells the story of how the children develop, but one particular character that grows and changes is Jem whom pursues certain new attributes which change his view point on the world and yield him into a new sense of maturity.A key scene in the book where we can observe Jem’s new attitude is when Atticus shoots the ‘mad dog’.The only option, is to accept because if he doesn’t it will put his reputation of bravery at risk: ‘’Jem wanted Dill to know once and for all that he wasn’t scared of anything.’’ This shows the readers that Jem thinks bravery is purely about showing physical strength.In the same year Jem ruins Mrs Dubose’s garden because she called Atticus a ‘’nigger lover’’.Everybody in town’s father was playing, it seemed, except Atticus.’’ However, Jem and Scout soon learn that their father isn’t all that they think he is after a ‘’mad dog’’ is spotted in town and Atticus, literally, saves the day, and therefore revives his attribute of manliness in the eyes of the children.Furthermore the children are shocked to discover that Atticus was previously known as ‘’One-shot Atticus’’.Atticus explains to Jem why he was so reluctant to brag about shooting the rabid animal and why bravery isn’t just physical: ‘’I wanted you to see what real courage is, instead of getting the idea that courage is a man with a gun In his hand.It’s when you know you’re licked before you begin but you any and you see it through no matter what.


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