To Kill A Mockingbird Racism Essays

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From the other side, the adults who already got used to take racial prejudices as granted, have to re-think them over while answering to the kids.

Here we will have a brief look through the main racism quotes in “To kill a Mockingbird”.

The answer of her father is just brilliant.“Scout,” said Atticus, “nigger-lover is just one of those terms that don’t mean anything—like snot-nose.

It’s hard to explain—ignorant, trashy people use it when they think somebody’s favoring Negroes over and above themselves.

Before he learned that court is a place where the blind Justice reigns, where nothing matters: neither color of the skin, nor social status.

But this time his faith is crushed and he tells Jem – almost an adult young man – that life isn’t fair or just at all and there is something in people that doesn’t allow them to look at the others unbiased.

Great that it was only one black woman who treats them like this for entering the church for black people.

The local garbage collector apologizes for her – not because Jem and Scout are white, but just out of good attitude to the kids.

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We see throughout the book that Scout indeed learns the lesson and never lets anyone to distract her from what she feels is right just trying to taunt her and insult her self-respect.


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