Topology Homework Solutions

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Staple homework if it spans several sheets of paper.

Math 445 provides an introduction to topology, which is the field of mathematics concerned with a formalization of the notion of "shape".

So reading math takes reading and rereading and rerereading and a lot of thought about what you've read.

Also, preread sections 24 and 26, just to get a feel for the future.

Solve the following problems from Munkres' book, though submit only the .

Also, make constructive suggestions to me, Dror and / or the videographer, Qian (Sindy) Li, on how to improve the videos and / or the software used to display them.

The final exam for Math 445 is scheduled for Monday, May 7, pm - pm in 308 Taft Hall.

On the exam you will be asked to complete any four problems from a list of six problems.

Note that "constructive" means also, "something that can be implemented relatively easily in the real world, given limited resources".

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