Travel Brochure Assignment

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It can be completed on the computer or without the aid of the computer.

Elementary students can make them as well as high school students.

The colors of your travel brochure play an important role in how it will be received.

The color scheme will likely be the first thing about the brochure that people notice, so it will help to be familiar with the psychological effects that colors have on us.

You want to match the feel of your brochure to the destination you're promoting.

For example, blue can communicate tranquility and peace as well as trust, and lighter blues are particularly calming.If students are making the brochure on the computer, they can use Microsoft Word software.The paper can be set up on "landscape" and each side of the paper can be split into three panels by making three columns on each page.But you should also include shots of families enjoying themselves on a ride.Your brochure will sink or swim on the quality of your photographs, so choose photos that look great while accurately representing your location.The photos will draw a reader in and help them picture themselves at the travel destination.You don't want to skimp here; if the photos look cheap, then the destination will look cheap. Ask yourself what will speak to your customers and what kind of a vacation they're looking to have.Brochures are a versatile project that can be used in a variety of classroom, such as language arts, social studies, science, math, health, drama, etc.If students can fold a piece of paper in thirds and concisely write their information on it with art, they can make a brochure.Take a look: Be sure to include a few photos of people having a good time so it's easier for customers to imagine themselves at your destination.For example, if you run a horseback riding service, you'll want photos that highlight the natural wonders of your tours.


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