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The return to school this week goes hand in hand with new government plans for every child to know their Times Tables, up to twelve times, before they leave primary school at the age of eleven.

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The education secretary Nicky Morgan feels that maths is a ‘non-negotiable’ subject and sees the rote learning of times tables as a valuable part of a child’s maths education.

This may be the case, although many would dispute it, but what’s rather worrying is the manner in which they are to be learned as she also says that teachers will be judged on these results and held accountable.

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However, the periodic table we use today is not that proposed by Mendeleev.

There is greater significance for atomic number and can be found by knowing the number of protons present in the atom.Drop-in tutoring is a great place to make new friends among your classmates and to form study groups.Like us on facebook for tutoring updates Tutors are only prepared to help with courses they have been assigned to tutor.There is little in depth philosophy or purpose embedded in it.And whilst rote learning may have some use, it can mask the real danger of neglecting true understanding which is the essence of true education.One home educator interviewed by the BBC made the comment that it is just these kinds of destructive policies which deflect the real need of education to develop that understanding, and is often the reason why so many parents are turning their back on the system and home educating.This puts them in charge of their children’s activities, with far more time and opportunity to see that understanding is developed, over and above learning anything parrot fashion. But is rote learning the best use of teacher and pupil time when you can look up the answer on your device?Drop-in tutoring is a free tutoring service for over 50 engineering, math and science courses.Come in to work on homework with classmates and to ask tutors questions when you have difficulty with problems.The vertical rows are called groups and the horizontal columns are called periods.There are 7 periods and 18 groups in a periodic table.


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