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(1994) “Development and Evaluation of an Air-to-Air Combat Debriefing System Using a Head-Mounted Display” (Frederick P.

(1994) “Development and Evaluation of an Air-to-Air Combat Debriefing System Using a Head-Mounted Display” (Frederick P.

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(1997) “Merging Real and Virtual Environments with Video See-Through Head-Mounted Displays” (Henry Fuchs) Bandyopadhyay, Deepak (2006) “A Geometric Framework for Robust Neighbor Analysis of Protein Structure and Function” (Jack Snoeyink) Banks, David C.

(1993) “Interacting with Surfaces in Four Dimensions Using Computer Graphics” (Stephen M.

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UNC Libraries: Except where noted, all of the dissertations listed here are available from the libraries at UNC-Chapel Hill.

Parnas) Bennett, Eric Paul (2007) “Computational Video Enhancement” (Leonard Mc Millan) Bentley, Jon L. Gary (1984) “Self-Tracker: A Smart Optical Sensor on Silicon” (Henry Fuchs) Block, Aaron (2008) “Adaptive Multiprocessor Real-Time Systems” (James Anderson) Bokinsky, Alexandra A.

(1976) “Divide and Conquer Algorithms for Closest Point Problems in Multidimensional Space” (Donald F. (1993) “VIEW–A System for Prototyping Scientific Visualizations” (Frederick P. (2003) “Visualization of Multiple Spatial Variables with Data-Driven Spots” (Frederick P.

(1972) “Toward A Programming Language for Writing and Checking Mathematical Discourses” (Donald F.

Stanat) Ahn, Ilsoo (1986) “Performance Modeling and Access Methods for Temporal Database Management Systems” (Richard T.

(1998) “Volume Rendering Guided by Multiscale Medial Models” (Stephen M.

Pizer) Chen, Wei Chao (2002) “Light Field Mapping: Efficient Representation of Surface Light Fields” (Henry Fuchs) Cheng, Wei (2015) “Toward Robust Group-Wise e QTL Mapping Via Integrating Multi-Domain Heterogeneous Data” (Wei Wang) Chou, Chen-Rui (2013) “Regression Learning for 2D/3D Image Registration” (Stephen M.


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