Types Of Essay With Definition

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All of these forms of writing are meant to inform, which is the purpose of expository writing.A narrative essay belongs to essay types, which reminds a short memoir; you are relating a personal experience of yours in a few pages.This experience can be anything ranging from the story of driving your first car to a description of a trip you took to England with your family two years ago.They can relate their studies to historical or scientific topics where they can identify patterns and trends.Process Essay: These writings are useful for when you are trying to teach another person how to perform a specific task, such as building a transmission, installing software on a computer, or field-stripping a rifle.This composition is very useful for analyzing historical events separated by decades or different literary works from different literary movements, as well as a host of other topics.Cause and Effect: This type of paper examines why an event occurred by investigating the factors that started it, and determining the long term consequences that stemmed from it.If you plan on becoming an engineer, machinist, or a specialist in some of other technical field, you should definitely learn how to follow this format.Process Analysis Essay: This type focuses on explaining how something is done or how it works.All students, regardless of their age or level of knowledge, are continuously asked to submit different types of essays that relate to the topics they study in books.It could be a narrative essay that tells a story, a descriptive essay that paints a mental picture, an expository essay where you explain your personal response or feelings or a persuasive essay where you are trying to convince the reader with your point of view.


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