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- When thinking about a solution to poverty the general public seems to reason that economic development is the answer.

This method measuring economic inequality, a household’s wealth is the value of the things you own, wealth includes the value of money you have in the bank, and also it can be bonds and shares, wealth measures at a point of time (Parkin and Blanchard, 2012) Wealth is much more unequally distributed than income, which distribution provides a better description of the degree of inequality.

Wealth is a stock asset and income is the flow of earning that will result from the stock of wealth (Parkin, Matthews and Powell, 2005).

These modifications in the form of government policy have direct influence of economic output, or gross domestic product (GDP), which is the most widely accepted measure for a country’s standard of living.

Therefore, the accession of an economic state in any country is the derivative of its standard of living....

This report will help us to know the relationship between inflation and other parts of economics in the UK.

The aim is to provide an explanation for the inverse relationship between economic growth and inflation in this economy in given period.According to the economist (John Maynard Keynes), a bit of inflation can grow the economy, the accurate measurement will help distinguish between money values and real values in the economy (Parkin, Matthews and Powell, 2005).Inflation has many types that affect the price level in many different ways, it has been recognisable the prices in the past used to cost and prices of nowadays being increasing on everything such as rent and other living standers (Fernando, 2015).After the hit of the financial crash in 2008, UK start to begin recover, unfortunately after three years it hit again via confidence and financial market and trade this the euro-area crisis (Cunliffe, 2016), which lead to the highest level of unemployment in 2012 (Kingsley, 2012), after three years the unemployment fall at the fastest rate and where the growth and productivity began to increase (Cunliffe, 2016).Brexit gonna damage UK economy has been fast and widespread according to (Edwards, 2016), pre- Brexit, UK has been through high record of employment which is 75% and good GDP growth of 2.2% in Q1, that high-water mark already viewed in July and the damage is going wide spread, which made the pound to reflect in the future expected strength of the British economy as shown below in the Graph (Edwards, 2016).Such actions can involve multiple areas including development of human capital, critical infrastructure, regional competitiveness, environmental sustainability, convivial inclusion, health, safety, liter...[tags: Economics, Unemployment, Economic growth] - The augmentation of economic growth can be attributed to many factors including the alteration of public and government expenditures, possible labor opportunities, the reclamation and enhancement of infrastructure, anticipated amelioration of technology, and more.The data from CPI and RPI rates are used in a lot of ways by the government and business, which will play an important part in the economics, which will help Bank of England uses inflation to set interest rates (BBC News, 2014), it also have some impact on people’s income and wealth.The most common household original income called mode, original income usually includes wages, interest and rent profit earned before paying the taxes, UK is separated into two groups, one is half of the UK had greater income and the other half had less income.’ on the Lorenz curve for wealth correspond to the rows of the table.By comparing the Lorenz curves for income and wealth, we can see that wealth is distributed much more unequally than income.


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