What Are The Basic Arguments Of The Staple Thesis

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Instead, perversely, governments get captured by the staple industry and lock the country in.

Our currency becomes a petro-dollar, our state a petro-state.

Huntington’s argument was meant to explain in great detail the difference in civilizations between the “west against the rest”.

Huntington explains that there are two different types of civilizations.

Over-reliance on staples may create a mentality, a staples trap, that inhibits these liberating forces.

Given the dependency and monocultural tendencies of a one-staple economy, it makes sense to try to lessen those effects.

But if the price of gas is volatile, that’s because the price of a barrel of oil on the global market likewise varies.

Large global events – technological (such as the innovation of fracking which yields oil but at higher cost than conventional oil) and geopolitical (such as Saudi Arabia pushing supply and letting prices fall to force out higher-cost production like Canada’s tar sands) – underlie the present downward trend.

That then affects not just your disposable income but, if you live in an oil-exporting country like Canada, the state of the national economy.

The moral here is that life in a staple-exporting economy, at least when that staple is oil, is something like riding a roller coaster.


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