What Are The Problem Solving Skills

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Many of the grades you studied for, work experience you’ve done and even extra-curricular activities you’ve enjoyed have all had problems you had to think about logically in order to find a solution.

Find an example of a problem you solved for each experience you’ve put on your CV.

Problem solving forms the ‘bridge’ between these two elements.

In order to close the gap, you need to understand the way things are (problem) and the way they ought to be (solution).

The 5 top life skills are self belief, communication, self management, teamwork and problem solving. Life will always have problems to overcome, from figuring out why your phone isn’t working to dealing with a tricky customer at work.

That’s why employers want to know how you deal with problems, because they want to know you can see a problem as a challenge that can be overcome if you deal with it in a logical way.

Analytical problem solving skills is an important job skill.

There is no company or organization that doesn’t depend on problem solving abilities to keep their business moving forward.

Most problem solving methods follow a common pattern, beginning with a definition of the problem, moving on to the consideration of potential solutions, and culminating with the selection, testing and implementation of a chosen course of action.

Divergent thinking techniques can be helpful in generating creative ideas, while convergent thinking can assist in structuring and evaluating potential solutions.


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