What Is A Senior Honors Thesis

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In the end, my thesis was something I was actually passionate about, but I really wish I had picked it from the beginning.” Maybe you don’t want to write an honors thesis, but there is pressure for you to do so.Whether you feel like all of your classmates in your major are pursuing an honors thesis and you should too, your parents are breathing down your neck about the prestige or even a professor keeps less-than-subtly encouraging you to take one on, it can be hard to say no.Honors theses are a great way to cultivate some skills you might actually use after graduation so you can at feel more prepared.

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“I was in a class with him last winter and it was the best history class I’ve taken.

His work isn’t exactly in what I’m writing about, but it’s within the same concentration, and he’s so generally good at teaching and thinking that I wanted to work with him regardless.

It was stressful to ask, but it ended up being great.” Bad reasons to write an honors thesis Like we said, there are plenty of reasons to pursue an honors thesis—but not all of them are good.

Hint: if the following are the only reasons why you want to write a thesis, you might want to consider your priorities. You spend your senior year working diligently on your honors thesis, and the end product is an impressive, 30-page paper that you will be able to brag about at dinner parties to future employers and to potential partners alike.

Even if these skill sets seem particular to some majors and future careers more than others, Miller stresses that a common error in thinking about honors theses is that your major should be a large deciding factor in your decision-making process.

In his opinion, students in every major should consider the possibility of writing one.

That was definitely the case for Beatrice, who scored a job on her faculty adviser’s recommendation.

But don’t just think of the post-grad benefits of this relationship.

Having a strong relationship with your faculty adviser will likely enrich your research experience, provide invaluable mentorship and give you an excuse to pick the brain of talented and intelligent professors.

“I am working with one of my favorite professors,” says Rachel Markon, a Northwestern University senior currently pursuing her honors thesis in history.


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