What Is Business Continuity Planning

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As you begin discussions, you may find that you have existing resources that you can use to extract information about essential services in your organization (e.g., pandemic influenza plans, Y2K plan, etc.) This will help you create your list of essential services by department or business unit.

You then need to rate the degree to which it will negatively impact the various key areas such as financial, employees, customers etc.

Your suppliers may face a shortage of the materials you need to continue your business activities, or demand for your services may simply decline.

No one can predict the future; however, you can be ready with a sound business continuity plan.

This means that your business may be forced to modify, reduce, or even eliminate specific services/functions to cope with the impacts of the emergency.

These impacts may be felt across the organization or localized to specific business units.

Businesses need to look at all such potential threats and devise BCPs to ensure continued operations should the threat become a reality.

A business continuity plan involves the following: When developing a BCP all threats that could cease regular business should be determined.

As part of your business continuity planning process, you'll need to identify the number of staff and skills required to perform and maintain the essential services/functions.

Use the Essential Services Criticalness Factor template to help you capture the information necessary to develop your plan.


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