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This fact is seen from the cruelly treated indentured servants they had during those times from Europe or even from their own country.

The Bacon’s Rebellion of 1676 served to change the basis of slavery from one founded on economic standing to one based on the colour of the skin.

This is because of the divide and rule policy of the owners who wished to subdue the rebellion by isolating the poor whites from the Africans thus preventing the united strength of the two labour forces.

However, they were not enslaved even in the Deep Southern states where slavery was defended vociferously.

In fact, it would have been cheaper to have enslaved these Europeans than to spend money to buy and transport black slaves from Africa.

They had another standard – civilized and barbarian – and you could have white skin and be a barbarian, and you could be black and civilized.

During the 17 century, there was a great inflow of poor white people from Europe who came to America to work as indentured servants: there was not only a great rise in the population of Europe, there was also a move to relocate people who were considered to be undesirable in their own country such as vagabonds, convicts, dissenters, poor or prisoners of war.When Eric Williams said that racism was a consequence and not a predecessor of slavery, he started a debate on these subjects: Racism and Slavery, and their antecedents.There are plenty of evidences offered by proponents of both the sides of the question whether racism preceded slavery or .If it is a given that the main function of racism is to deny some people equal access to resources, then it is apt to intensify radically when the authority instituted by slavery is disputed, as happened in the United States when slavery was abolished.The struggle against and later the abolition of slavery did not lead to a race-free social order.Slavery not only originated in ancient countries such as Greece and Rome, it was first institutionalised by Greece and later spread to other civilizations.When slaves were freed, they then mixed with the general population and enjoyed rights as any of the other citizens.Race-free societies developed only in places where the slave population was much more in numbers and power than the local non-slave population.Slavery of the black people was a direct result of the class and race consciousness of the planters and slavers and not the materialistic advantage that selling and buying the slaves would accrue to them.Racism has its origins in the very beginning of the human society as there has always been prejudice, fear and hatred towards people who are different in their colour or place of origin.Ruth Benedict was one of the first scholars to define racism in her book thus: “the dogma that one ethnic group is condemned by nature to congenital inferiority and another group is destined to congenital superiority”.


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