Writing An Essay On A Kinesthetic Learner

Her favorite way to learn with All About Spelling is jumping on the trempoline while writing words with chalk.

Sylvie, Trampoline spelling is an exceptionally fun way to practice spelling! Simultaneous Multisensory Instruction (SMI) has been shown to be much more effective than focusing on one learning pathway.

I’m very pleased to hear that All About Spelling is helping your daughter have such success with spelling. We discuss this in our Multisensory Teaching for Reading and Spelling blog post.

My kids are all hands on, and these are some great ideas!

Take our bar exam learning style quiz to figure out what kind of learner you are. Consider joining a study group or studying with a friend.

Come up with rhymes and mnemonics to learn your outlines.

Some kinesthetic learners pace while they review outlines. Take breaks to get up and move around as you are learning your outlines.

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When you memorize your outlines, focus on repeating the laws out loud until you know them.

It might sound silly, but consider acting out some of your outlines.


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